March 26, 2009

TheBodyShop Star Buy

TheBodyShop will introduce Star Buy products in every month with the promotion price!

This April they introduce the Oceanus EDT Frangrance with affortable price at RM 39 and its made in UK! (Normal price is Rm48 ).

The Oceanus EDT frangrance is clean and refreshing scent. It suitable for beach lover and students who enjoy a splash of pure and free spirited scent.

RM39 consider an affortable price for pamper yourselves and your friends as a gift!

Come and get it before the promotions is over.....

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March 17, 2009
Indulge yourselves with Body Lotion and Body Butter!

Working, studying, house chores is part of our daily activities. Stress has affected our health and a student or as a part-time worker. Stress is one of the problem that we are facing!!

Need to calm yourself? Recharge your skin or to add some Oomph to your day?? Indulge and pamper yourselves today using Thebodyshop body butter and body lotion, which come with different fragrances and precious ingredients to ease your mind........

My Body butter and body lotion collection!

When i feel Stress .....I apply The Lavender Body Lotion(Purple bottle)

When I need to refresh myself....I apply The Satsuma Body Lotion(Orange bottle)

When I want to feel the aphrosidiac of life...I apply The Strawberry Body lotion(pink bottle)

When I need to smooth my skin...I apply The Cranberry Body Scrub(red bottle)

When I want to hydrate my skin and mind....I apply The Body Butter (of various varieties)

Now, who says you need alot of cash to pamper yourself? Why waste time goin for facial and spa when you can do all this at the comfort of your own home.

With so much of pampering you can get, why not dropby TheBodyShop outlet today!

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March 12, 2009

Be smart to purchase Thebodyshop Product

Be a Smart Consumers to purchase for any skin care products. Firstly you need to try the products and compare the price promotions before making a purchase.

After sharing with everyone the benefit of using the Sample tube before purchase, if you really like the products and want to make the purchase, then you should be smart, calculative by comparing between the promotion and the discounted price.

The Body shop will continuously doing promotion and discount, such as

Buy 3 products and the 3rd item with lowest price can get 50 % less(Cleanser at Rm45{Less 50%}, Toner at Rm45, Moisturizer at Rm55)

Buy any skincare product and entitled to get 20% less on serum and moisturizer.(Cleanser at Rm45, Moisturizer at Rm55{less 20%})

Tips- If you can find and visit the Kiosk Counter of Thebodyshop, you may get more surprising price there, because they are doing a market testing and provide more discount to attract the new customers.

Cleanser + Toner + Moisturizer =Rm99 Only(Kiosk Counter)

There is always Another reason to visit Thebodyshop again!!

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March 3, 2009
Sample Cube

As the BodyShop member, I found there's a lot of product range for everyone:

Tea Tree oil series is suitable for blemish skin type to get clear and clean, blemish-free complexion.

Moisture White series is suitable for all skin type who look for whitening complexion.

Vitamin E series is suitable for all skin type who looking for hydrating and anti-aging function.

Vitamin C series is suitable for radiant skin who looking for natural radiance.

Seaweed series is suitable for oil and combination skin type to obtain the oil free complexion.

With so much of the product range,

how to choice a suitable one for your skin type?

how efficient are each product to us?

Becoming a smart consumers, we should consult and ask for their profession opinion and advice by the the product advisors before making a purchase. Besides that, we can ask for the sample tube for trying any products from Thebodyshop. To experience it and feel the result from the products.

Thebodyshop sample cube
This is the sample tube i get from the Thebodyshop, and I have tried the products and make the comparison between different products before i buy it! Now i have found the BEST products for my skin! A natural's way to beatiful.......

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