February 24, 2009

TheBodyShop Star Products-Vitamin C Plus Time Release Capsules

It help in brighten your complexion and even out your skin tone with an innovative time-release formula that delivers pure vitamin C to your skin throughout the night.

How it works:
The product contain -Antioxidant vitamin C boosts radiance and protects skin from environmental aggressors.

After trying Thebodyshop seaweed series products, i feel my skin is cleaner and comfortable, but dullness of my face still shown there. I took an advices from the beauty advisor to try this vitamin C to swipe away my dullness. With the first application I could feel the nice satsuma fragrances which came out from the capsules and after apply it, Wah! My face became smoother then before, and it's working with an overnight sleep for rejuvenate!

This is considered a treatment for your skin. After finishing the 28 capsules, your skin will reborn, radiant and fairer! ! I already bought the second bottle for my face, because my face it shows that it needs to get more of the vitamin C again!!

It's time to vitalize your face by
Vitamin C Plus Time Release Capsules!

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February 16, 2009
The Membership Card

The BodyShop introduce a loyalty program-Love Your Body Loyalty Card.

My Loyalty Card

It allow the customers to accumulate the reward point by RM1 = 1 point and upon collecting 300 points, you will entitled to redeem RM35 rebate off from a normal price product within 6 months time.

My Reward Point=645, i can redeem the RM70 discount!!

It is free to apply for the Loyalty card but firstly we need to make purchases above RM110 in a single receipt to apply for the loyalty card!

in my point of view, i like the loyalty program because it rewards and at the same time retain its customers to buy more of their products. customers can exchange their loyaly into CASH rebate after making frequent purchases from Body Shop.

Why not to visit TheBodyShop today?!

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February 10, 2009

I trying to introduce "The Body Shop" to everyone, because i had heard about the The Body Shop brand for a long long time ago from my friends though word of mouth. therefore, i have search informations about the products they offer and given it a try.

i had try the skincare product--Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask

A weekly deep-cleansing velvety mud mask treatment, for combination to oily skin that spreads easily over the skin. Combined natural ionic action from three types of 100% natural clay work together to draw impurities from the pores, absorb excess oil and revitalize the complexion. Absorbs excess sebum from the skins surface to help equalise oiliness.

After using the Seaweed Ionic Clay Mask, i get shock and start shouting in front of the mirror--oh my god, it's very efficient and work on my skin. my blackhead disappeared, my pores is getting smaller, and the complexion of my skin became better than ever.

thus, I had start recommended my friend to try the mask if they wish to have a better skin condition, at the same time i've become the Thebodyshop promoter and helping them to get the product.

Beauty Tips- I will recommend to do mask every once a week after the scrub.

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